After using Typo CMS and one of its standard themes for nearly 2 years, I’ve finally sat down and come up with a new design. The result is not remarkable, but I like it way better than the old one - especially because it actually carries the railway logo.

While I was on it, I decided that I didn’t like my lack of blogging activity in 2009. This was mainly because I’ve been working like crazy but also due to the fact that I simply didn’t like Typo anymore. After reviewing some CMS solutions - obviously adva-cms was part of the review - I decided to go with the simplest possible solution and settled with Jekyll. It’s simple, ultra fast and it enables me to just deploy my website on GitHub - what more could I ask for?

Anyway, I promise you a more active blogging year 2010. I’ve already got some articles in the works that are mostly or even completely written and just need some final polishing. I’ll probably also add Disqus comments when I find the time and migrate the old comments over.