railway is a web development company currently based in Munich, Germany. We offer all kinds of services including:

  • web development (mostly with Ruby on Rails)
  • web design
  • converting existing designs (.psd, .ai ect…) into clean XHTML/CSS markup
  • print design
  • corporate design/identity creation
  • web/usability consulting
  • training
  • and more…

Contact us at office@railway.at.

Who is behind railway?

Clemens Kofler

Clemens Kofler

Clemens has been developing web applications since 2001, switching to Rails some time in 2006 (after working some more or less painful years with PHP). He has a solid background in (X)HTML, CSS and JavaScript and builds some quite fancy AJAXy things, too. And don’t even get him started on usability, design patterns, code efficiency and test driven development …

Clemens holds a diploma degree in information systems from Management Center Innsbruck which gives him a good background in commerce and economics. He’s also currently studying to get his PhD in Management at University of Innsbruck. He plays the guitar and the piano, sings and enjoys good books. Contrary to what his friends might tell you, he also occasionally does sports …

Read his CV or contact him at clemens@railway.at.