Localizing Rails

After releasing the localized_dates plugin, I thought that it’s about time that someone wrote a comprehensive tutorial on how to fully leverage the power of the current Rails i18n implementation.

Granted, Trevor Turk wrote a pretty cool tutorial that shows simple localization in Rails, but it’s missing details on how number formats, dates, etc. can be localized. This is where my tutorial starts.

For a change, I decided not to write a long article about it. Instead, I created a demo app that uses the i18n features (plus my localized_dates plugin) and has all the tutorial texts in the app itself. We’ll see if this kind of tutorial works - if so, I’ll probably continue working this way in the future.

Here’s what you do:

$ git clone git://github.com/clemens/i18n_demo_app.git
$ cd i18n_demo_app
$ ./script/server

Then fire up your browser and go to localhost:3000 - the index page should be loaded automatically.

For now, this tutorial app includes info on how to localize:

  • Date and Time Formats
  • DateHelper (forms)
  • NumberHelper
  • ActiveRecordHelper (incomplete)

Feedback, as usual, is appreciated!


Fabio Akita has forked the demo app on GitHub and translated it to Portuguese. If you want to translate it to other languages, that’s perfectly fine by me! Leave me a note in the comments and I’ll add your translation to the list.