You can read about some of my client projects and my open source work here. Look here to see what clients and other developers think about me and my work.

Note: Projects of my PHP era aren’t listed here! :-) Also, I can’t list some projects due to confidentiality agreements.

Client projects

  • redpeppix.

    Services: consulting, training/coaching, development

    redpeppix. is a social commerce solution that allows users to create personalized product recommendations on images and be remunerated if people decide to follow their recommendation. I was brought in to help the project launch in time as well as to coach their team in Ruby/Rails. Since then, I’ve helped with developing the platform, creating and connecting APIs and generally keeping the project in good shape together with their strong team.

  • Slash7

    Services: development

    Slash7 are Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs, frontend gurus, entrepreneurs and developers of Freckle time tracking, among other things. I’ve helped developing their soon-to-be-published customer support/help desk application CharmDesk.

  • ReiseWoche

    Services: development

    ReiseWoche is an Austrian online holiday/event magazine. I’ve developed the application with a heavy focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and a content-inclusion API for 3rd party sites.

  • avarteq GmbH

    Services: consulting, training/coaching

    Avarteq is a web agency and hosting company. I’ve coached some of the developers in their great team in various areas of my expertise. I’m also regularly consulted for quality assurance and added to projects as a freelancer when in peak times.

  • betterplace.org

    Services: consulting

    betterplace.org is an online fundraising platform, guaranteeing that 100% of all donations are passed on to the respective projects. I’ve done consulting for them, helping them to migrate their Ruby Gettext-based internationalization to Ruby's standard i18n library.

  • abiagenten.de

    Services: development, consulting

    abiagenten.de is a community platform that helps German people manage their Abitur (high school graduation). I’ve written some of the administrative backend as well as the frontend calendar system and helped improve the testing strategy. In a separate project, I’ve helped creating and revising several statistics and charts for a big market research campaign.

  • bezirk-mödling.at

    Services: development

    bezirk-mödling.at is an event presentation platform for a district in Lower Austria. Among other things, it features an event calendar, heavily optimized search functions as well as powerful search engine optimization.

  • bierher.at

    Services: development, consulting

    bierher.at is a drinks and snack delivery service franchise, based in Vienna, Austria. I’ve helped optimize their workflows, rewrote their shop system from scratch and added a powerful administrative interface. Special features include real-time multiuser distribution/logistics management powered by Google Maps, advanced inventory management, specialized search functionalities and generally (then) fancy AJAX stuff.

  • lesepartnerinnen.at

    Services: development

    lesepartnerinnen.at is a project sponsored by the Austrian Ministry for Education for presenting schools’ reading projects. I’ve developed the project presentation pages. What made this project special was that my work had to be integrated with an existing proprietary content management system.

  • power4youth.eu

    Services: development, consulting

    power4youth.eu was intended as a community platform for out-of-home-childcare by Quality4Children, a sub-organization of SOS Children's Villages. I’ve helped with the conceptual design as well as developed the website. Sadly, the people responsible for the project left the company soon after the launch and the project has been in hibernation ever since.

Open Source

I have authored a couple of plugins in the Rails Internationalization sphere:

  • LaterDude

    LaterDude is a Rails calendar plugin with full internationalization support.

  • delocalize

    delocalize is a plugin on top of Rails i18n that helps with parsing localized user input such as numbers and dates.

  • localized_dates

    localized_dates is a plugin to support better date/time localization in Rails.

I am also a contributor and/or co-author to the following projects/plugins:

  • adva_cms

    adva_cms is a generic, engine-based Content Management System. It sports a module-based approach (thanks to Rails Engines) and baked-in internationalization support. You can find more information on adva_cms website.

  • i18n / Rails i18n

    The i18n gem as well as Rails i18n provides the core for Rails’ internationalization and localization features.

  • Steam

    Sven Fuchs and I wrote Steam while working on a JavaScript-heavy application to support JavaScript-/AJAX-enabled full-stack integration testing.

  • Globalize2

    Globalize2 is the successor of the popular Globalize internationalization plugin for Rails (before the advent of Rails i18n.

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

    When coming across the need for a better RBAC implementation for adva_cms, Sven Fuchs and I decided to write one from scratch. It’s probably the most generic piece of code I’ve ever written: In < 500 lines of code we’ve implemented just about everything we might need for adva-cms - which is a pretty complex system, mind you, so it should do just fine for almost every use case.

Finally, I’ve contributed a number of patches for the Ruby on Rails framework.