What Others Are Saying About Me

Read here what people I’ve worked for and/or worked with are saying about me and my work.

  • i have to say, i love working with @clemensk.
    on Twitter, Amy Hoy, web guru and owner of Slash7. I’ve been working on CharmDesk, their new customer support/help desk application, with Amy and her husband and partner-in-crime Thomas.
  • One of the smartest Developers I’ve met!
    WorkingWithRails recommendation, Ingo Weiss, senior developer at adva Business Software. I’ve worked with Ingo for a couple of months at adva Business Software.
  • I had a great pair programming session with Clemens yesterday. […] I was quite impressed by his ability to grasp the scope and details of the project after just a brief introduction. […] Clemens was altogether very approachable and pleasant to work with. I would definitely like to keep contact in the future.
    Email recommendation, Andrea Singh, Made by DNA. Andrea was the first person I’ve worked with in my Code With Me project
  • […] quickly understood our administrative workflows and suggested solutions that brought about changes in our thinking but quickly proved to be right and useful […]
    XING recommendation, original in German, logically translated to make sense, Christoph Geisler, CEO at bierher.at. I’ve helped them improve their general workflow and also implemented their new multi-location order system as well as the back office distribution/logistics and customer management system back in 2008.